Rimmel Colour Rush Balm: Rumour Has It

I recently arrived home from work and found a new lipstick laying on my bed. Turns out my lovely mum had taken a trip to our local Boots, and seemingly taken full advantage of their amazingly dangerous 3 for 2 offer. She picked up this new little beauty as her free item, and decided to pass it onto me as she knows I'm obsessed with my pink lip colours!

A few years back, Clinique bought out their very own Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm. Since then, lip balm crayons have been a big hit in the beauty market. After the success of Clinique's Chubby Stick, high street brands such Revlon and Bourjois (to name a few...) have jumped on the bandwagon and released their own version of the lip crayon.

The Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm is a moisturizing coloured balm in a crayon form. It's available in a whole range of different colours, from delicate nudes to shocking reds. This balm are creamy, pigmented, moisturising and have a lovely finish. Rimmel's colour crayon gives more of a lipstick feel, rather than the glossy finish that I was initially expecting. The lightweight formula means that it's not sticky and doesn't feel tacky when applied.

After using this product for the past week, my lips feel soft and hydrated throughout the day. Best of all, it tends to stain the lips. This provides a long lasting coverage, even through eating and drinking! 'Rumour Has It' is a gorgeous bold pink colour, which looks perfect for both day and night. Big up to my mum for picking such a beautiful shade from the collection!

I'm not too sure how these would compare to other brands, because I have personally never tried them. However, I think this Rimmel version is perfect for everyday wear. After having a quick look at their range, each shade appears flattering for most skin tones. I love all of their colours and would personally wear every single one of them. I can't wait to pick a nude shade during my next trip to Boots!

Has anyone else tried these? How do you think they compare to other brands out there?

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Look, a cute unicorn!

I hold my hands up... I'm a complete sucker for negative thoughts. I constantly worry about every little thing that goes wrong in my life rather than focusing on the positives. Sometimes there are moments where I feel the need to take a step back and appreciate everyone and everything I have rather than worrying about what I could, or don't have. I definitely need to try to look on the bright side during bad situations, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining.

The lovely Lorin over at Curiously Lorin has set up the fabulous Unicorn Campaign to help us become more positive during our everyday lives. Her mock up of this unicorn button helps to symbolise happiness, and is a little reminder that life isn't always as bad as it may seem. 

To start things off, here are 3 things that make me super happy:

1. Good Music. There's nothing better than hearing your favourite tune come on the radio and wanting to throw some serious shapes! Having KISS FM turned up full blast on the way to work in the morning instantly puts me in a good mood and gets me ready for the day ahead.

2. Payday. Who doesn't love payday?! Especially being a fashion & beauty blogger! As soon as the money hits my bank account, I'm glued to my laptop for the entire evening picking out some beautiful new garments to fill my already cluttered wardrobe. 

3. Waking up to sunshine. I mentioned how much I love the summer months during my Liebster Award post, but I literally cannot get enough of the sunshine. It's just a shame we don't get a lot of sun here in the UK - I'd love nothing more than to live in a hot country.

Let's keep the happy thoughts going! It would be great if everyone could keep this tag going and spread the positivity through the blogging sphere.

The rules are as follows:

1. Copy or save the unicorn button. 

2. Share with your followers 3 things that make you happy and ask them to do the same. 

3. Tag bloggers who you think would love to do this! 

4. Send any pics, links to your efforts to me via the comments on Lorin's original post.

Here are a few bloggers I would like to share the positivity!:

Emma at Essays and Wine

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Laura-Lee at LauraLeeLou

Benefit Purchases

Whilst browsing in my local Debenhams store, I decided to spontaneously pick up a few bits from the Benefit counter. I've really grown to Benefit over the past year. Even though their products are slightly above my budget, they tend to last for aaaaages, so it's totally worth spending that extra bit of dollar.

Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer: £24.50

Admittedly, I've never used a primer in my life. Ever. I'm quite lucky with my skin complexion as I don't tend to get a lot of spots or open pores. The soul reason I opted for this primer is because I wanted something to help keep my face looking flawless for hours on end... Having patchy foundation throughout the day is definitely not the best look! I've been using this primer daily for a week to see just how well it works.

The packaging is super cute and is rather similar to Topshop's makeup range with the polka dots and plastic style. It comes as a stick applicator, meaning application is mess free and perfect if you're constantly on-the-go.

Benefit Stay Flawless is a light beige colour which applies transparent, meaning it's suitable for all skin tones. The primer should be applied directly to cleansed but dry skin before immediately applying your foundation to help 'lock in' your base products. The initial idea is that the primer acts as a makeup magnet, helping you to achieve an immaculate look for up to 15 hours.

Since using this product, my makeup stays looking fresh all day. I would say that their 15 hour claim is a slight exaggeration... But it's enough to keep me going through my 8 hour shifts at work. I'm super happy to have found a product to help keep everything in place all day long, I'll definitely be purchasing this after it has run out.

Eye Bright Pencil: £15.50

Sometimes my hectic days at work are a little tough to keep up with, and I'm normally left feeling totally drained on a Monday morning after a jam-packed weekend. I've recently noticed that my lack of sleep leaves me with tired looking eyes with dark circles underneath. Luckily, I've discovered Benefit's Eye Bright Pencil for a perfect pick-me-up that I need throughout the week.

Touted as a 'coffee break in a stick', Eye Bright is designed to help brighten your eyes and help you look more awake. It's an almost-white milky pink shade, which is the perfect colour to give a subtle glow to suit all skin tones. The formula is creamy and smooth, making it super easy to apply and blend around the eyes.

Eye Bright is a versatile product that can go way beyond your eyes. You can use this product to brighten different areas of your face, such as under your brows and highlighting cheekbones. I do find that the colour can dissapear before long when used around the inner corners of my eyes. However, this product is really effective when used on the lower water line. The soft pink tone instantly creates a more open, brighter eye and is easy to top up on the go due to it's compact size.

The only drawback with the Eye Bright is that I do feel it is a little pricey. I'm hoping that it should last for a long time, otherwise I will begin my hunt for the perfect dupe.

What's your favourite Benefit product? Have you tried either of these?

OOTN: Dinner & Cocktails

Faux Leather Skirt - New Look (similar here)
Heeled boots - Dorothy Perkins (old)

Apologies for the very poor image quality, it seems that iPhone cameras are not that great!

I recently went out for dinner and a few cocktails with the girls, as one of my best friends is moving to Turkey next month to work as a performer. Our evening began at Las Iguanas - a lovely little restaurant that specialises in Latin American dishes. After stuffing our faces with burritos and chimichangas, we moved on to a few cocktail bars and sipped on a whole load'a daquiris and mojitos.

As every other fashionista out there, I am obsessed with pastels at the moment as everything is so beautiful. I recently spotted South's Pink Faux Leather Jacket and instantly fell in love... However after trawling the internet for hours I came to the conclusion it had sold out everywhere (but it's recently back in stock!). I began searching for the perfect dupe and found this beauty from Matalan for half the price. I never really think to look in Matalan for clothes, but some of their SS14 collection is so cute and girly. While I was there, I grabbed this mint green cami top as it matched perfectly with the soft pink tone of my new jacket. I teamed my new purchases with my trusty Faux Leather Skirt that I purchased for a mere £6 from the New Look January sale. This mini can be paired with anything & everything to create a sophisticated look.